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    New Zealand
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  • Where a world of knowledge and experience combine to create smart solutions

    Oasis Engineering supply standard manufactured products designed by our Product Development team and customised engineering parts for your business. If you require a bespoke, made-to-order product we can certainly investigate this for you, we’re flexible like that.
  • We are at the forefront of leading business ideologies such as Lean 2.0 and Kaizen.

    Oasis Engineering Ltd is ISO9001:2015 accredited and our products are tested independently to CRN, CE, ISO15500, Pi, PED, TPED along with other quality assurance programmes.
  • Oasis Engineering’s Product Research & Development team ensure we maintain our leading edge in engineering. We provide innovation, upgrades and implement the highest quality products and services to help your business become a well-oiled machine – in every sense of the word!

    Our Engineering/CNC team add to our success with many years of experience and they take pride in every manufactured part. They are very specialised in Oasis products as well as general engineering. Since we have implemented Lean Manufacturing, we have increased our productivity exponentially and our team demonstrate strong autonomy and ownership of ideas.

    Oasis Engineering is also supported by a carefully selected group of suppliers and service companies that enable us to outperform our customer expectations. This extension of our team allows us to fulfill customer needs quickly from short-run batches of items right through to critical long-term contracts for components.

Our Approach

Idea to Reality
Oasis Engineering Ltd is a specialist high precision turning and machining factory in Tauranga, New Zealand. We have established a strong reputation to reliably produce close-tolerance machined parts in difficult materials such as stainless steel and titanium. It was this reputation that led to Oasis Engineering to be selected by Caltex to manufacture the valves and couplings required for a new fuel - compressed natural gas (CNG). Since then, Oasis Engineering has made parts for every major CNG company supplying projects in every significant CNG market, over 40 countries in all.

In partnership with our parent company Elaflex, we are continually evolving our product range with increased demand for sustainable energy products and components to meet everchanging, worldwide requirements.

Oasis Engineering Ltd - Setting the Standard

What We Do

Oasis Engineering include our customers throughout the entire sales process, collaborating on the design and development of a product right through to completion.

Starting with your concept, we begin a fact-finding mission to confirm all relevant details and requirements. Our customers are vital to this process and with this valuable partnership Oasis Engineering ensures that we always get it right, first time.

We pride ourselves on our innovation, flexibility, design and engineering skills so if you have a specific requirement please get in touch with Oasis Engineering.
We want to provide excellent service so if we can’t help, we’ll certainly point you in the right direction.

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